Wealth Management

In addition to our unparalleled international expertise, Touchstone Advisory is proud to provide holistic wealth management solutions that help our clients grow, protect, and preserve their wealth. Below is a synopsis of the main Wealth Management services provided:

Retirement/Financial Plans

Touchstone Advisory educate our clients on things such as budgeting, saving for emergencies, and preparing for retirement, which helps households enjoy better lives while weathering financial shocks. Financial education can play a key role in getting to these outcomes. Our plans are catered around the above, but most importantly we understand that the key to financial success and capital preservation is planning ahead, because we all know, that we truly do not know what tomorrow will bring. We prepare our clients for all financial situations and focus on wealth preservation.

Income Analysis for Retirement

Do you know what level of income you would like in retirement? Let Touchstone Advisory help you understand how to best maximize retirement success during the prime of your career. Touchstone Advisory look at all sources of expected income, such as; Pension and Retirement plans, Taxable Accounts, Real estate, Social Security, and Inheritance. We provide tools and analysis that help make the most out of your retirement.

Trust and Estate Planning

Do you understand the tax consequences upon your death? We provide wealth transfer advice to help mitigate taxes, avoid probate, and preserve net worth for future generations.

Currency Planning

Given our expertise in overseas assets, we help our clients understand the importance of currency in their global financial planning. Generally, it is best to match income and expenses in the same currency to reduce currency exchange risk. We provide solutions to align your currency exposure to best suit your situation and to help reduce this often overlooked risk.

Model Portfolios

Touchstone Advisory have model portfolios that are low cost but highly efficient, to ensure you reach the growth needed to keep your goals in line for retirement. Our aim is to reduce risk without reducing returns. We tailor our portfolios to our client’s goals, risk tolerance, and social considerations.

Education Planning

Do you have young children or are expecting a child? Have you thought about the cost of a first class university education? Our dedicated advisors help prepare in advance for these events.

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